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AntiDllFile 1.4

In CS 1.6 contains many bugs. One of the bugs when cvar sv_allowdownload equals 1
 the player can use the command "cmd dlfile halflife.wad" in the console and attack the server. There is a new sploit in Public, which presses hard on this bug. And this is the best defense against it.

1. Requirement
metamod v1.19

2. Installation Steps
(1) Create new folder "{MODDIR}/addons/antidlfile";
(2) Copy file "antidlfile.dll" or "antidlfile_i386.so" to folder "{MODDIR}/addons/antidlfile";
(3) Add a new line in "{MODDIR}/addons/metamod/plugins.ini" (Windows):
win32 addons/antidlfile/antidlfile.dll
or (Linux)
linux addons/antidlfile/antidlfile_i386.so
(4) Restart your server. If you see "[ANTI-DLFILE] Patch "cmd dlfile" successful!" in server console, it means the patch is applied.



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