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mmtimer - plugin for metamod, increases FPS server. 

General information 
The plugin works in three directions: 
increases the accuracy of OS timer (only under Windows) 
reduces the time "sleep" process HLDS 
removes the limitation of 1000 FPS, built in HLDS 

So there is "Insane mode" (controlled quartz mm_insane 0 / 1), activating mode, 
where the HLDS download CPU at 100%, giving the maximum possible FPS 

Technical Implementation: Patching process memory HLDS 
Supported builds: Presumably all under Linux and Windows 
You can get it here: Attachment and then 
It is understood that metamod is installed in a standard directory <gamedir> / addons / metamod 
Create a directory <gamedir> / addons / mmtimer 
copy the contents of the bin folder from the archive 
in <gamedir> / addons / metamod / plugins.ini add dates 

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win32 addons \ mmtimer \ mmtimer.dll
linux addons/mmtimer/mmtimer_i386.so

start the server, check the plug-command meta list, the status should be "RUN": 
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[3] mmtimer RUN - mmtimer_i386.so v1.6 ini ANY Never

the Linux server to run with 3-pingboost 

Desired FPS set kvar sys_ticrate 
To turn on insane mode, set kvar mm_insane in 1 or 2 (do not forget the increase sys_ticrate) 

If you have Win server and conventional means you can not get more than 512 FPS, then you will set mm_insane 0 and sys_ticrate 1100. After this FPS should be a 1024 without a high load on the CPU. 
If you have Win server that already has 1000 FPS and you do not want more, then this plugin is useless 
If you have a Linux server, you can increase sys_ticrate above 1000 when mm_insane 0 - on some systems, you get over 1000 FPS without a strong load on the CPU. 
If you want more than 1000 (1024) FPS, then put mm_insane 1 and increase sys_ticrate to the desired value. Only in a regime mm_insane have to pay a high CPU usage.

Problems with "512 FPS instead of 1000" there are no more: smile:


Windows, Insane mode:


Linux, Insane mode:



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