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Statsme tutorial

Statme is a plug-in, a system of plug-ins to be more specific, which presents the player statistics while playing, regarding the number of figures he has, who killed him at a certain moment, how much hp he still has, how much damage he did to the other players, how many flags in a row he did or how many times he died in a row and so on. Besides, statsme introduces different sound effects, welcome and good-bye messages, a lot of things that make the game more attractive. Statsme is easy to install, being a metamod plug-in, in metamod plugins.ini. It is very important to say that those who installed the server following the method presented in the "Dedicated server installation tutorial", do not need to install Statsme because the Server Creator installer has already done it for them. For those who want to install Statsme, the steps to take are:
Download here statsme.rar, and unzipp it anywhere on the disk. Copy the Statsme folder into HLDS\cstrike\addons (HLDS being the directory in which you have the server), and then open HLDS\cstrike\addons\metamod\plugins.ini where you write the next line:
win32 addons\statsme\dlls\statsme_mm.dll
After this step, all you have to do is make some configuration.

1.Go to HLDS\cstrike\addons\statsme and open statsme.cfg with Wordpad.In the line sm_menupassword modify r3wt with a password of your choice. Later when you`ll join the game , type in the console statsme_menu “your password” ( without the “” “” ) and the menu will appeare on screen.
2.To make the “say /rank” and “say/top10” work you need to go to statsme.cfg and change the sm_storebyauth 1 to 0 . This step will be passed if you are an steam id player and your clients are also steam id players.
3.Now go to HLDS\cstrike\addons\statsme and open scriptpacks.cfg with Wordpad . Here you have to modify all the lines . They look like this :

// AdminPack
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/adminpack/admin.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/adminpack/afk.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/adminpack/hpingkick.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/adminpack/redirect.cfg

// HostagePack
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/hostage/hospen.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/hostage/hossi.cfg

// MapPack
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/mappack/italy.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/mappack/mapcycle.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/mappack/nextmap.cfg

// MiscPack
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/autorr.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/awplimit.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/damage.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/greet.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/snapshot.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/timeinfo.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/tmlf.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/vip.cfg

// MultiKillPack
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/mkpack/killingspree.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/mkpack/multikill.cfg

// TeamKillPack
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/tkpack/forgivetk.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/tkpack/kickdp.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/tkpack/punishtk.cfg
//exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/tkpack/tdwarn.cfg

Make them look like this:

// AdminPack
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/adminpack/admin.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/adminpack/afk.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/adminpack/hpingkick.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/adminpack/redirect.cfg

// HostagePack
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/hostage/hospen.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/hostage/hossi.cfg

// MapPack
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/mappack/italy.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/mappack/mapcycle.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/mappack/nextmap.cfg

// MiscPack
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/autorr.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/awplimit.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/damage.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/greet.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/snapshot.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/timeinfo.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/tmlf.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/miscpack/vip.cfg

// MultiKillPack
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/mkpack/killingspree.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/mkpack/multikill.cfg

// TeamKillPack
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/tkpack/forgivetk.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/tkpack/kickdp.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/tkpack/punishtk.cfg
exec addons/statsme/scriptpacks/tkpack/tdwarn.cfg

So, every “//” in front of the “ exec.addons” lines will be deleted !


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